Whoopi Goldberg Told Disney She Wouldn’t Do ‘Sister Act 2’ Unless They Produced ‘Sarafina!’: Behind-the-Scenes Secrets Revealed

by Gee NY

As fans celebrated the 26th anniversary of “Sister Act 2: Back In The Habit” in 2019, iconic actress Whoopi Goldberg’s role in securing the sequel’s production has come to light.

Insiders revealed the intriguing behind-the-scenes secrets of the beloved film franchise. The sequel, widely beloved by audiences, faced uncertain prospects due to Goldberg’s hesitations.

Despite her acclaim for the original film, Goldberg’s experience on set was marred by production issues and script rewrites, leading her to decline promoting the first movie.

Kath Najimy, who portrayed Sister Mary Patrick, disclosed tensions between Goldberg and Disney, highlighting the actress’s dissatisfaction behind the scenes.

Goldberg’s decision to reprise her role in “Sister Act 2” hinged on negotiations with Disney.

In a bold move, Goldberg leveraged her involvement in the sequel, demanding that Disney finance her upcoming project, “Sarafina!”

The studio’s agreement not only secured Goldberg’s return but also positioned her as the highest-paid actress in film at the time.

The sequel also marked a significant milestone for emerging talent, with Lauryn Hill making her acting debut as Rita Watson.

Hill’s portrayal of the talented yet defiant student added depth to the film, alongside Jennifer Love Hewitt and Ryan Toby, who also made their debut appearances.

However, amidst the film’s success, controversy emerged with allegations against actor Ron Johnson, who portrayed Sketch. Accused of sexual assault by two extras on set, Johnson vehemently denied the charges and was ultimately acquitted, bringing a dark cloud over the otherwise lighthearted production.

Despite challenges, “Sister Act 2” soared in popularity, fueled by its acclaimed soundtrack, which climbed the Billboard charts and continued to sell years after the movie’s release.

As fans reminisce about the beloved sequel, the untold stories behind “Sister Act 2: Back In The Habit” offer a fascinating glimpse into how Goldberg leveraged her star power for “Sarafina!”

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