Lorna Mahlock To Become First Black Female Brigadier General

by Yah Yah

Last week Colonel Lorna Mahlock was nominated by President Donald Trump to serve as brigadier general in the United States military.

Mahlock is currently serving as the deputy director of operations, plans, policies, and operations directorate at the Marine Corps’ headquarters in Washington, D.C but if her nomination is confirmed, she will make history as the first Black woman to ever hold the position.

According to Black Enterprise, Mahlock has previously served as the Commanding Officer of Marine Air Control Group 18 (MACG18) in Okinawa, Japan, overseeing 1,300 military and civilian personnel and was responsible for equipment and infrastructure worth $250 million. She also leads, maintains, and operates a unit with 400 marines, and $60 million in commercial network and satellite equipment in over 15 sovereign countries.

Unlike many of Trump’s previous nominations, Mahlock seems extremely qualified for the position. The job appears to be in the bag!

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