Sheila Jackson Lee Loses Houston Mayor’s Race After Campaign Heavily Focused On Concerns Over Safety On The Streets

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Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee has lost a decisive election to Democratic state Sen. John Whitmire in Houston’s mayoral runoff election held on Saturday, Dec. 11.

Whitmire, renowned for his tough stance on crime and long-standing advocacy for Texas regulations on public safety, secured the win with 57 percent reporting, enjoying a nearly 2-to-1 margin.

The campaign, marked by concerns over street safety, saw Whitmire, supported by the city’s fire department and police unions, leading the charge with a multimillion-dollar campaign chest.

His early favoritism persisted from the 18-candidate general election in November, necessitating a runoff when no candidate attained 50 percent of the vote.

While Houston’s city elections officially retain a nonpartisan status, Whitmire’s triumph reflects the Democrats’ internal divide on handling crime at the local level, echoing similar dynamics witnessed in mayoral races in Los Angeles and New York City.

The perception and reality of rising crime emerged as a major issue, prompting Whitmire to emphasize the importance of Houston being perceived as a safe city.

The mayoral contest also presented a rare confrontation between two veteran lawmakers in a state that has traditionally leaned conservative.

Whitmire, a fixture in Texas politics since his election to the state Legislature in 1973, ran a campaign attuned to local concerns, addressing crime, infrastructure, and financial controls.

Sen. John Whitmire speaks to supporters during a campaign watch party on Tuesday, Nov. 7, 2023. Credit: Annie Mulligan for The Texas Tribune

Jackson Lee, a 15-term congresswoman, focused on broader issues, including public safety and women’s access to abortion.

Despite garnering endorsements from prominent Democrats, including the Clintons, Pelosi, and Jeffries, Jackson Lee faced a deficit she couldn’t overcome.

Her campaign was further marred by a leaked expletive-filled rant in October, contributing to the challenges she faced.

Whitmire’s legislative history, particularly his engagement with crime-related issues stemming from a personal experience of his family being robbed, resonated with voters.

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