Jasmine Bowers: Meet The First Black Person To Obtain A Doctorate In Computer Science From The University of Florida

by Gee NY
Photo Credit: Twitter / UF FICS

Jasmine Bowers has made history by becoming the first Black person to achieve a doctorate in computer science from the University of Florida, a milestone she proudly shared on her Twitter account.

Bowers’ remarkable journey through the computer science doctoral program, established within the last decade, has been marked by her determination and the support of her family, particularly her mother, who instilled in her a love for technology from a young age.

“My mother taught me how to use Excel to record my ‘wish list,’ planting the seed of motivation at a young age,” told reporters in 2020, when her story broke.

She added:

“I grew up in a household where I was encouraged to embrace technology, thanks to my mother, a self-taught engineer.”

Having pursued a double major in math and computer science at Fort Valley State University and furthered her studies at North Carolina A&T, where she earned her master’s degree, Bowers’ journey culminated in achieving her Ph.D., a pinnacle she attributes to various factors, including supportive mentors and her unwavering belief in herself instilled by her mother.

“The Ph.D. was and is the pinnacle of the seed planted years ago, deposits from teachers, internship experiences, amazing mentors, a supportive Ph.D. advisor, and the push from my mother who is and will always be behind me reminding me, ‘You can do this,'” Bowers affirmed.

With her newfound accomplishment, Bowers looks forward to embarking on her career as an engineer in a new state, where she aims to apply her knowledge and skills gained through her studies.

Additionally, she remains committed to giving back to the community and inspiring young girls to explore STEM fields, continuing the legacy of encouragement and empowerment that propelled her own journey to success.

Keep soaring, Jasmine Bowers!

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