Meet Artist Jade Yasmeen Who Unveiled The First Groundbreaking Hyperrealistic Portrait of Harriet Tubman

by Gee NY

In a groundbreaking moment at the 2021 Art Basel in Miami Beach, Jade Yasmeen unveiled a remarkable hyperrealistic portrait of iconic abolitionist Harriet Tubman.

Titled “The Pain Below,” the 76-inch by 60-inch oil painting marked the first full-color hyperrealistic portrayal of Tubman, capturing her spirit and legacy with meticulous brushstrokes.

Yasmeen, known for her expressive and detailed artworks, expressed her motivation behind choosing Harriet Tubman as the subject.

“I chose Harriet as a way to commemorate the past,” she shared on Instagram. “Our ancestry is so rich and deserves to be preserved. That’s my goal as an artist.”

The portrait, displayed prominently at the prestigious Art Basel event, mesmerized onlookers with its lifelike representation of Tubman’s gaze and expression.

The artist’s use of vibrant colors and expressionistic techniques brings Tubman to life on canvas, paying homage to her pivotal role in American history.

Alongside “The Pain Below,” Yasmeen showcased another impressive portrait titled “Mae,” depicting Mae Jemison, the first African-American woman in space.

Yasmeen, just 26 at the time, again explained her choice, stating:

“I’ve always looked up to Mae Jemison as a little girl because I recognized that she pushed the status quo. These icons deserve their flowers. Without them, we wouldn’t know how limitless we are.”

Yasmeen’s ability to capture not only the physical likeness but also the essence and emotion of her subjects sets her apart as an artist.

Her paintings, though rendered in oil, seem to transcend the canvas, breathing life into the historical figures she immortalizes.

“We have the power to make anything a reality,” Yasmeen declared. “Anyone who hones in on their innate ability to dream for something beyond their reach is capable of achieving it. It’s possible if we just muster the courage to create it.”

The Black female artist continues to inspire through her captivating oil paintings, encouraging viewers to delve into the rich tapestry of history while contemplating the limitless possibilities of the future.

For more of Jade Yasmeen’s work, art enthusiasts can follow her on Instagram to stay updated on her latest creations.

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