Stream Angela Rye’s #Charlottesville 2017 Episode

by Yah Yah

This week, Angela Rye recorded a special edition of the podcast to explore the history of race relations in America. Following the Charlottesville riots and Trump’s response, Angela Rye urges us to study and heed from our history. With words from James Baldwin and clips of President Donald Trump, explores her own feelings on the current racial climate Trump’s refusal to condemn the extremists.

“With every day, with each new announcement, it feels like another part of my hope dies. It’s 2017, and it seems that each day we regress to the point of no return. It is that bad, so don’t tell me how good things are based on some poll that you’re looking at. It is that bad. We feel it. Whether or not people see it economically or not, we feel it. The culture has shifted…”Angela Rye

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