Pregnant Woman Nearly Killed by Two Assailants Fleeing Burglary Scene

by Xara Aziz

Less than 24 hours after two reckless criminals fired shots at a pregnant woman after attempting to flee from a burglary scene, the pair was caught burglarizing vehicles just several miles north of the first crime scene.

Louisiana police found Jacolby Lockett and Keylon Robinson Tuesday afternoon following a chase on foot. They later determined the two men were also suspected of the burglary and shooting of the pregnant woman on Monday.

Ascension Parish sheriff’s deputies announced Wednesday that they had issued warrants for the arrests of Lockett and Robinson following a string of vehicle burglaries. The incident in question was in a local neighborhood in Baton Rouge, where the assailants fired shots at a family who approached them while the suspects attempted to steal their vehicle. One of the family members was pregnant and was grazed by a bullet as they fled the scene. She suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

Authorities have since found three guns in connection with the shooting: “one on the ground near one of the men, one in the jacket pocket of one of the men, and another under the driver’s side seat of their vehicle,” according to The Advocate.

“Police said one of the men admitted that at least one of the recovered guns had been stolen from a vehicle Monday night. Officers later learned the suspects’ vehicle also had been stolen in Baton Rouge on Dec. 30. Officers said they didn’t learn Lockett, 19, and Robinson, 20, were also wanted in Ascension until after they were arrested.”

The perps, Jacolby Lockett and Keylon Robinson.

The suspects have since been booked in Baton Rouge on counts of burglary and illegal possession of several items. Robinson was also charged with the illegal carrying of a weapon and resisting an officer.

Deputies later revealed that they were wanted for “three counts of attempted second-degree murder, one count of attempted first-degree feticide, two counts aggravated burglary, five counts of simple vehicle burglary and multiple other counts, including illegal use of a weapon.”

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