Brandy Faces Off Against Racist Mother-In-Law In Chilling ‘The Front Room’ Trailer

by Gee NY

Brandy Norwood, the acclaimed singer-songwriter and actress, is making a thrilling return to the horror genre with A24’s latest film, “The Front Room.”

This marks her first horror film role since 1998’s “I Know What You Did Last Summer.”

In this gripping new movie, Brandy stars as Belinda, an expecting mother who finds herself in a nightmare scenario with a deeply troubled and racist mother-in-law.

The trailer for “The Front Room” introduces Belinda’s challenging life as her husband’s (Andrew Burnap) father passes away, prompting her husband to bring his mother, Solange (played by Kathryn Hunter), into their home.

The tension quickly escalates when Solange moves into the room meant for Belinda’s soon-to-arrive baby and criticizes the couple’s choice to name their daughter Fern.

As Belinda navigates the growing discord, she uncovers more about Solange’s intense religious fervor and her unsettling beliefs. Solange, who is portrayed as a member of the United Daughters of the Confederacy—a group descended from soldiers of the Confederate States—claims to be possessed by the Holy Ghost, which she believes grants her supernatural powers.

The situation deteriorates as the baby’s birth approaches, with Belinda becoming increasingly convinced of Solange’s malevolent nature. The trailer culminates in a chilling scene where Belinda desperately tries to get Solange to pronounce her name correctly, symbolizing the deep-seated conflict between them.

“Everything goes to hell for newly-pregnant Belinda after her mother-in-law moves in,” states the official synopsis. “As the diabolical guest tries to get her claws on the child, Belinda must draw the line somewhere…”

“The Front Room” is written and directed by Max Eggers and Sam Eggers, known for their work alongside their brother Robert Eggers on films such as “The Lighthouse” and “The Witch.”

In addition to Brandy, Hunter, and Burnap, the cast includes Neal Huff.

Brandy, who recently appeared in the 2023 holiday-themed rom-com “Best. Christmas. Ever!,” is also set to star in the upcoming Disney+ movie “Descendants: The Rise of Red.”

“The Front Room” is set to hit theaters on September 6, promising a haunting experience for horror enthusiasts and Brandy fans alike.

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