Police Fear This 34-Year-Old Mom Who Went Missing 6 Months Ago May Have Been Murdered

by Gee NY

A 34-year-old mother, Crystal Lynch, is now feared dead after she went missing in May, and now police are holding her husband as a key suspect in a murder case.

Lynch’s 16-year-old daughter, identified only as C.L. in court documents, was among the first to draw links between her mom’s disappearance and her stepdad’s likely involvement.

She grew alarmed about her mother’s safety on May 6 when she received an unusual text after her shift at a Texas Taco Bell, suspecting it was not from her mother but rather her stepfather, Marquise Rochard Glasper.

Glasper had allegedly assaulted her mother two months prior. The daughter reported her mother missing the next day, and the Houston Police Department now suspects Lynch is dead.

Six months later, Glasper, 37, faces charges of murder, tampering with a human corpse, and being a felon in possession of a firearm.

Lynch’s body has not been found.

Her disappearance, deemed highly suspicious, involved a night where Glasper picked up the daughter instead of Lynch, brandishing a gun.

Lynch’s last known whereabouts were with her husband around 9 p.m. on May 6. Glasper’s bond was set at $400,000, possibly increasing to $1 million in December.

Lynch’s daughter revealed her stepfather’s history of violence, including an admission from Glasper about assaulting Lynch previously.

The investigation uncovered potential blood evidence and signs of an attempted cleanup at the couple’s home.

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