The Pros + Cons of Goddess Locs | @BeEssntl

by Yah Yah

Hair Influencer Aleah and one-third of Beauty trio, ESSNTL, is trying out Faux Locs (otherwise known as Goddess Locs) for the first time and absolutely loves them. But just with anything we love, there can be downsides too. In this refreshingly honest review, Aleah breaks down the good, the bad and the ugly of maintaining the popular protective style.


ESSNTL, LLC is a blend of individual interest, craft, and art amongst three friends. As young adults tackling this thing called “life”, individuality is important and must be paired with confidence. Confidence comes from within and you need the right tools to find it. The purpose of our blog is to explore our emergence into womanhood while sharing our hobbies that make us feel beautiful. We aim to inspire other women to embrace their natural beauty, while shamelessly enhancing their god-given features. Specializing in healthy hair, seamless makeup, and impeccable individualized style, we are sharing our journeys with the world. 

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