Weight Loss Influencer Mila De Jesus Who Passed Away At 35 Remembered As A Source of Inspiration

by Gee NY

The family of Mila De Jesus confirmed the tragic death of the 35-year-old influencer in a heartbreaking announcement on Monday, Jan. 15.

The news was shared with Mila’s followers on Instagram through a poignant statement expressing deep sorrow.

The family’s Instagram post read:

“It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our beloved Mila de Jesus this Friday. In this moment of pain, respect family and friends and we will express our respect to Mila who will miss her a lot.”

Mila’s daughter, Anna Clara, joined the heartfelt messages, posting in the comment section:

“I, Anna Clara, am posting this condolence note. We are very sad to hear of the passing of our beautiful mother. We appreciate all the prayers and condolences. Continue to pray for us. Thank you.”

Fans flooded the social media post with expressions of grief and support, sharing their condolences and honoring Mila’s memory. One fan wrote:

“My beautiful princess, I didn’t have the chance to meet you in person, but you live in my heart for years, and your mom knew that. I will be praying for you, and know that you have an aunt that even from far away is here if you need me.”

The family later shared details of Mila’s celebration of life through a digital invitation on her Instagram Stories, indicating that the event would take place in Massachusetts on January 17.

As of now, the cause of Mila’s death remains unknown.

Mila De Jesus, originally from Brazil, recently celebrated a new chapter in her life, marrying George Kowszik in September 2023.

The private lakeside ceremony was a joyous occasion, and Mila shared snippets of the event on her social media, expressing gratitude for the small moments that brought happiness.

Just days before her passing, Mila shared her excitement for the future on New Year’s Eve, captioning her Instagram post:

“Ready to welcome the best year of our lives thus far. 2024, I waited eagerly for you!”

Known for her fitness journey that began in 2010, Mila gained a significant online following, especially after undergoing bariatric surgery in October 2017. Reflecting on her transformation, she posted in November 2023:

“13 years between one picture … 6 years since a decision that changed my life in so many ways. On one side Mila aged 22 and on the other Mila aged 35, how much we change huh, how we grow and how we learn. Pride girl pride.”

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