Controversial Rapper Sexyy Red Embraces Motherhood In Unique Style As She Welcomes Second Child

by Gee NY
Image Credit: Sexyyred on IG

Renowned St. Louis rapper Sexyy Red recently celebrated the arrival of her second child and wasted no time showcasing her vibrant personality and sense of humor even amid the serene hospital room setting.

In a series of Instagram posts shared on Monday, Feb. 5, the rapper who occasionally stirs controversy with her lyrics, introduced her newborn to the world while adding her own flair to the maternity experience.

Red, donning a hospital gown, leggings, and shades, playfully recreated a meme made famous by reality star Tiffany “New York” Pollard.

With legs outstretched and hands intertwined, she humorously depicted her eagerness to leave the hospital and “hit da block wit da guys.”

Despite a few naysayers, the majority of Red’s fans flooded the comments section with messages of support and admiration for the rapper’s lighthearted approach to motherhood.

“There’s just something undeniably amusing about Sexyy Red posted up on a hospital bed pregnant and with shades on like this,” remarked one commenter.

Image Credit: @Sexyyred on IG

In a subsequent post, Red shared a carousel of photos capturing her playful antics in the hospital bed, including one where she cheekily posed with her legs out and another where she flashed an “ok” hand gesture with her legs open.

While some may have focused on her appearance, Red unabashedly embraced her journey to motherhood, proudly declaring herself a “sexy mama back bthc.”

Known for her trendsetting style and unapologetic attitude, Red didn’t miss a beat regarding her appearance during labor.

With her stylist on standby, she had her wig installed right in the hospital room, demonstrating her commitment to looking her best even amid childbirth.

Despite the joyous occasion, Red faced criticism from some social media users who commented on her weight. However, it’s essential to remember the importance of sensitivity when addressing a pregnant woman, regardless of her size.

Red announced her pregnancy in October 2023, and while she initially tried to conceal it, she eventually embraced her journey to motherhood with open arms.

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