ShineMyCrown Spotlight: 11 Year old Kheris Rogers Debuts Clothing Line at #NYFW

by Yah Yah

It’s not common for someone to run into a preteen during the events at NYFW but Kheris Rogers is your normal preteen girl. This 11-year-old went from being constantly bullied for her skin complexion to now having her own clothing line embracing it.

For years Rogers has dealt with getting teased by her fellow classmates because she was dark skin, even having to transfer schools because of it. But this little girl did not let that experience bring her down and instead she turned something negative into a positive.

Rogers started her clothing line Flexin In My Complexion after her sister posted a photo of her on twitter that went rival and received lots of positive comments.

Rogers made a huge impact in the fashion world at such a young age and we can wait to see what the future brings for this bright girl.

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