11-Year-Old Girl Who Has Written 4 Books Is Donating All Proceeds To Charity To Write Off Homelessness

by Gee NY
Sarah Kittoe. Image Credit: @sarahkittoebooks

Sarah Kittoe, an 11-year-old author from Croydon, South London, is making waves with her latest book release, “Ama and the Lost Key.”

What sets Sarah apart isn’t just her talent for storytelling but her commitment to making a difference in her community.

Despite her young age, the talented British-Ghanaian girl has already written four books and has pledged to donate all proceeds from her latest work to homeless charities.

“I didn’t see lots of people like me,” she told the BBC. “I decided to put my picture in my own books and write a story of my own.”

Sarah’s journey into writing began during the Covid lockdowns when, like many others, she found solace in books.

However, as she delved into the world of literature, she noticed a lack of representation for people like herself. Determined to change that, Sarah decided to write her own stories, featuring characters she could relate to.

Her passion for writing soon evolved into a powerful tool for change.

Sarah’s previous book sales have already funded the renovation of a library in Ghana, and now, with the release of “Ama and the Lost Key,” she is directing her efforts towards combating homelessness in her community.

The proceeds from her latest book will go to two organizations: Centrepoint and the Wednesday Club at the West Croydon Methodist Church, both dedicated to supporting the homeless population.

Sarah’s altruistic spirit is deeply rooted in her upbringing, as she comes from a family that prioritizes giving back to those in need.

Sarah’s father, Albert, expressed immense pride in his daughter’s efforts to “make a difference” and highlighted the family’s unwavering support for her endeavors.

Raised in a charitable home, Sarah’s generosity knows no bounds, with her family opting to donate Christmas present money to charity instead.

Despite her young age, Sarah’s impact is undeniable, serving as an inspiration to other young authors and demonstrating the power of compassion and determination in effecting change.

Sarah hopes to inspire others to use their talents for the betterment of society, one story at a time.

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