A Single Mom’s Dual Action Cleanse Review

by Yah Yah

After looking over dozens of colon cleansing products I decided to review dual action cleanse. What sold me on the program was the fact that it would not cause stomach cramps or uncontrollable diarrhea, as a single mother of two boys I couldn’t afford to be tethered to the bathroom all day.

Most of the other body and colon cleansing teas, potions, and miracle cleansers I reviewed were laxatives in disguise or required that I purchase and mix a witch’s brew of herbs and powders. Although these products might be effective, with a schedule as busy as mine, I wanted something that I could stick with long enough to see the benefits.

Dual action cleanse has a 2-part approach to detoxifying the body that was easy to incorporate into daily life. Part one is the “Colon Clear Formula,” which is an herb blend of 22 ingredients that promote healthy and complete bowel movements. It thoroughly cleanses the colon while eliminating toxin build-up. This part is recommended only 30 days.

Part two is the “Total Body Purifier” is another herb blend of 33 ingredients designed to completely purifying the body. Furthermore, the Total Body Purifier includes nutrients selected because they stimulate further cleansing. Unlike, the Colon Clear Formula, this can be taken regularly.

Some of the teas, potions and other miracle pills have tried were horrible, so I was admittedly nervous about my first dual action cleanse review experience. I was afraid that the Colon Clear Formula would either fail to produce anything or turn my insides to mush. I was pleasantly surprised, not only did the product work well but I did not experience any discomfort at all. Nor was the urge to evacuate so overpowering that I could not function throughout the day.

After only three days of using the dual action cleanse program, I started to feel more energetic, and my jeans weren’t so tight around my navel. I forgot to weigh myself at the beginning of the program, but I lost 6 pounds between days 4 and 11. Six pounds lost in a week? I’ll take it.

My first dual action cleanse review experience was positive, and I recommend this cleanse to any person who is feeling tired and run down but still has a life to live and can’t dedicate a week to the bathroom. Other than taking the tablets it was important that I drank plenty of fluids and ate fresh fruits and vegetables. I wasn’t able to completely give up meat, but I did refrain from red and processed meats. After a couple of days, I didn’t miss them, and the fresh fish and poultry was easy to whip into something the whole family could eat.

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