Woman Who Bragged On Social Media About Her New Job At A Luxury Store Sacked Before First Shift

by Gee NY

An online video of how a young woman was sacked by a renowned company in the UK company even before she began her first shift has got many people talking.

Recently employed by Harrods, the lady identified as Akorede but known on TikTok as @korrxss, disclosed that she had not yet started her first shift when she received the notice of termination from the company.

Before the viral video of her dismissal, she had gone viral with a previous video in which she talked enthusiastically about her job at the UK-based luxury department store.

In that first video, she suggested that her social class has shot up because of her new employment, stating at one point:

“I’m dealing with the richest of the rich, who are you dealing with [giggles]?”


Lmk if u want tips on how to get innnn 🥰🥰🤗

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But in the second video, her story changes. Sounding disappointed, she told her followers on TikTok that she didn’t even do her first shift at Harrods before she got fired for going on social media.

Akorede wondered who may have sent the footage to the employer after she was fired. She gave the situation further thought and concluded that it taught her an important lesson to avoid posting pleasant news on the internet.

“I got fired! Before I even did my first shift, I got fired. Someone must have sent the video ‘cos I don’t know how they must have found it. I took that video after I attended my induction; I’ve not even attended my first shift.

“That was really sad. I learnt a really valuable lesson; don’t ever tell good news to people or the internet, keep it to yourself. Upon reflection, that was kind of a shitty video; I was just joking and was just excited,” she said in part.


Sis really got sacked by luxury store #Harrods before even starting the job, due to a bragging video posted about her new role 🫣👀

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Her story has drawn varied reactions online.

Someone made the following on Twitter:

“It’s not even about ‘showing off your achievements online’ listen to what she was saying, ‘i’m gonna be dealing with rich men…’ that would instantly tell anyone listening what her target is, to find a rich boy or whatever and not the company’s goal. Sad she got fired coz she might have said that to just catch cruise. She seems energetic, so I am sure she’d find another job.”

Another person commented as follows:

“I recall a social event yrs ago, everyone was dropping big names of whr they worked, I said I work in a prison. I could see their uncanny & downgrading looks, wht they didn’t knw was I worked at the Central Bank of England as a consultant, well building is a prison of money & gold 😂”.

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