Aunt Arrested After Burning 9-Year-Old for Not Making Sales Induced From Forced Labor

by Xara Aziz

A 9-year-old Ghanaian girl is now in the custody of social workers after authorities found that her aunt intentionally burned her with a pressing iron for not selling enough soya kebabs on the streets.

According to a Graphic report, the girl, whose name has not been identified, was allegedly told that should she not make enough sales each day before heading to school, she would be subject to physical torture.

In early May, things took a turn for the worst when the aunt discovered that the money was short by 50 Ghana cedis ($4.50). The aunt then accused her of stealing the funds and proceeded to grab a hot pressing iron then burned the girl’s legs and hands.

Credit: The Graphic

Reports say “The girl…bore the excruciating pain in silence. One of the burns was very close to her private part.”

One week later, she was forced to sell on the streets again, the report continues. But this time, she was spotted by a local social welfare unit head named Wisdom Krakani, who approached her to inquire about why she was on the streets and not in school.

Credit: The Graphic

It was then discovered that she had burns on her body, which led Krakani to inquire further. It was later revealed that it was her aunt, Margaret Gafa, 62. She was arrested and charged with child abuse.

The suspect’s daughter, Eunice Dzifanu, 30, was also arrested for allegedly dunking the girl’s head into a bowl of water for extended periods of time.

Upon arrival at the prison, the aunt cried, “Please, you can burn me also with the iron in the same way I burnt her and set me free?”

“She then fell on her knees and pleaded with officers to pardon her,” before turning to the reporter who covered the story and requesting he not make it public,” according to the report.

The two suspects are on police inquiry bail, working with investigators.

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