Sha’Carri Richardson: Athlete Gets Emotional After Hometown School Names Track After Her

by Gee NY

Sha’Carri Richardson, renowned as one of the most decorated athletes of the year, is basking in a series of honors as she sets her sights on the 2024 Olympics.

Recently, Richardson’s hometown, the Dallas Independent School District, paid a heartfelt tribute to the track sensation by naming the track at John Kincade Stadium at David W. Carter High School after her.

The newly christened “Sha’Carri Richardson Track” now stands as a symbol of her achievements, with her name boldly emblazoned on it.

Adding to the accolades, USA Track and Field bestowed upon Richardson the prestigious title of the 2023 Jackie Joyner-Kersee Female Athlete of the Year, solidifying her status as an outstanding figure in the world of track and field.

The significance of these honors was further underscored by the city of Dallas, which officially proclaimed November 10 as “Sha’Carri Richardson Day.” A testament to her impact and influence, Richardson has become synonymous with excellence, with her feats celebrated not just on the track but also in the hearts of her community.

Reflecting on her journey, Richardson expressed her gratitude during the ceremony, acknowledging her roots and the dreams she harbored as a young girl standing on the very track that now bears her name.

“I see that little girl who stood right here at Kincade. I told my mama I want to be great. I told my godparents I want to be better. I told my family I want to take care of them,” she declared emotionally.

The ceremony provided a poignant moment for Richardson, offering a chance to look back on her incredible achievements, including securing gold medals at both the USA Track and Field Nationals and World Championships earlier in the year.

Notably, Richardson referenced a challenging moment in her career — the suspension following a positive test for marijuana after her victory in the 100 meters at the 2021 US Olympic Trials. Despite the setback, she chose resilience and wisdom, using the experience to fuel her determination.

“I did have a moment that could’ve crushed me beyond measures, but in that moment, I chose better. I chose to be wiser. I chose to allow that moment to build me,” she shared with the crowd.

Her remarkable achievements have already left an indelible mark on a track in Dallas, and next year, the Black sports woman aims to make an even more significant impact on the global stage in Paris.

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