Woman Reveals How Her Niece Was Killed By A Car On New Year’s Day Similar To How Her Parents Died 50 Years Ago

by Gee NY

A woman in suburban Atlanta faced a traumatic déjà vu when her niece, Melody Coburn, met a tragic end after being hit by a car on New Year’s Day.

The incident occurred on I-20 eastbound near Fulton Industrial Boulevard, where 43-year-old Coburn was struck while getting her car towed after it broke down.

Victoria Ann Woodson Kingston, Coburn’s aunt, and her husband were at the scene to pick her up when the fatal accident unfolded.

Kingston expressed the horror of witnessing the tragedy, stating:

“When I saw it happen, the first thing I did was jump out [of] the car and scream for her to see where she was. When she got hit, I saw her spirit rise, and I knew she was gone.”

The driver responsible for the collision remained at the scene, but Kingston insisted that visibility was not an issue.

“We had our lights on. We had our flashers on. And the tow truck light was spiraling,” she recalled.

The devastating incident brought back haunting memories for Kingston, whose parents had died under similar circumstances 50 years ago when a drunk driver crashed into them in New Jersey.

Authorities are currently investigating whether the driver who struck Coburn was under the influence of alcohol or other substances.

Coburn, described as a fun-loving woman with a passion for fitness and bodybuilding, had shared aspirations for the new year. Her last post on social media reflected her optimism as she embraced a new phase in life, with the hashtag #claimit.

The Vibe Ride Indoor Cycle Studio, where Coburn had been a member since 2015 before becoming a certified indoor cycling coach, paid tribute to her on Instagram.

The emotional statement highlighted Coburn’s positive impact, describing her as someone who built a strong and supportive community within the studio.

As the investigation into the incident continues, the driver and passenger in the vehicle that struck Coburn were transported to the hospital for evaluation and treatment. Authorities have confirmed that their injuries are not life-threatening.

The painful echoes of a tragic past reverberate for Kingston, underscoring the profound impact of the New Year’s Day accident on the Coburn family.

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