Be-Jeweled: Adinkra Stud Earrings By @PeaceImages

by Yah Yah

I don’t believe the saying that “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, but I believe that some fresh accessories can come pretty close!

These dope Adinkra Stud Earrings from the immensely talented jeweler Camille Peace. There are several Adinkra symbols to choose from. Hailing from West Africa, each symbol has a meaning, and PeaceImages Jewelry is deeply connected to our history.

These studs will cost between $25-$27 depending on the design which includes the Sankofa Heart (to learn from the past), the DUAFE Comb which is a symbol of beauty and cleanliness and the Aya Fern for endurance and resourcefulness.

Check out the studs below and be sure to head to her website to purchase a pair (or three!)

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