Rokhaya Diagne: Meet The Senegalese Lady Using AI Technology To End Malaria In Her Community

by Gee NY

In a world where technology’s transformative power knows no bounds, Rokhaya Diagne, a 25-year-old AI entrepreneur from Senegal, is emerging as a rising star in the tech industry.

Diagne is championing an AI innovation that would change lives in her homeland and across Africa.

Born and raised in Dakar, Rokhaya Diagne’s fascination with technology and artificial intelligence began at an early age. Recognizing the potential of AI to address various challenges, from healthcare to agriculture, she embarked on a journey to harness AI’s transformative power for the betterment of her community and the continent as a whole.

Diagne’s path as an AI entrepreneur started when she enrolled in the computer science program at the University of Dakar. Her passion for AI led her to delve deep into the subject, making her stand out as a talented and innovative student. Recognizing her potential, she received mentorship from experts in the field.

As her studies continued, Diagne became acutely aware of the profound challenges confronting her country and the broader African continent, from inadequate access to healthcare in remote regions to the need for sustainable agriculture practices. Undeterred, she believed AI could offer innovative solutions, and she was determined to be part of the answer.

In her early twenties, she co-founded “AfriAI,” a startup aimed at leveraging artificial intelligence to tackle pressing issues in Senegal and beyond. AfriAI’s focus was on developing AI-powered solutions for agriculture, healthcare, and education to make a meaningful impact on people’s lives.

One of AfriAI’s pivotal projects was a collaboration with local healthcare providers to develop an AI-driven diagnostic tool for prevalent diseases in Senegal. This tool significantly improved disease diagnosis accuracy and speed, allowing timely treatment and saving lives.

AfriAI’s work in agriculture revolutionized farming practices in rural areas. Their AI-driven solutions provided farmers with weather forecasts, crop optimization techniques, and market insights, increasing crop yields and local income.

When she was in her early teens, Rokhaya Diagne would retreat to her brother’s room, where she played online computer games for hours, day after day, until her mother finally got fed up.

Rokhaya Diagne’s journey became an inspiration to youth in Senegal and across Africa, demonstrating that technology could be harnessed for positive change. Her success encouraged other young entrepreneurs to dream big, view technology as a means to address challenges and recognize the youth’s potential as catalysts for positive change. She became a sought-after speaker at global conferences and forums, sharing her insights and experiences.

Rokhaya Diagne, part of a generation believing in technology’s power for good, remains at the forefront of Africa’s tech revolution, proving that the continent’s future is in capable and creative hands. As she continues to expand her impact, she remains deeply committed to using AI to address clean energy, water resource management, quality education, and other vital issues.

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