American Institute Of Architects Elects First Black Woman As Its 100th President In Historic Move

by Gee NY

In a historic moment, the American Institute of Architects (AIA) has officially sworn in Kimberly Dowdell as its 100th president, marking a milestone as the first Black woman to hold this esteemed position.

Dowdell, a highly accomplished architect with a diverse background in design, education, and urban development, is set to commence her term in 2024.

This announcement solidifies a remarkable era of female leadership within the AIA, as Dowdell joins AIA CEO Lakisha Ann Woods and President-elect Evelyn Lee.

This marks the second consecutive year of an all-female leadership team for the influential industry group, according to global design firm HOK.

Dowdell expressed her gratitude and acknowledged the honor and responsibility that comes with being elected as the 100th president of AIA.

She stated that this opportunity aligns with her personal mission of utilizing design to foster progress, equity, and sustainability for all.

From her roots in Detroit to leading a prestigious organization with a membership of 98,000, Dowdell’s journey serves as an inspirational story for women and individuals from diverse backgrounds aspiring to leadership roles in architecture.

HOK Co-CEO Susan Klumpp Williams emphasized that Dowdell’s significant leadership role sets an inspiring example, paving the way for more women and people of color to achieve influential positions in architecture and design.

In her role as president, Dowdell has outlined plans to champion diversity and sustainability across the built environment. Her extensive experience includes serving as the president of the National Organization of Minority Architects and co-founding the SEED diversity initiative.

Image Credit: Eric Staudenmaier

Dowdell’s impressive portfolio spans various sectors, including architecture, teaching, government, and real estate development. Holding degrees from Cornell and Harvard, she was elected to Cornell’s board in 2022.

This significant achievement crowns Dowdell’s steadfast commitment to advocating for equity within the field of architecture. Her inclusive vision closely aligns with the AIA’s mission to advance the value of architects on a global scale.

“This opportunity to serve my profession beautifully aligns with my overarching mission,” Dowdell remarked, expressing her dedication to the profession and its broader mission of inclusivity and progress.

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