Beyoncé Announces New Initiative | @BEYGOOD #BEYGOOD4BURUNDI

by Yah Yah

Beyonce‘s non-profit organization BEYGOOD has just announced a brand new initiative she’s calling BEYGOOD4BURUNDIat this weekend’s Essence Fest. Teaming up with UNICEF, the initiative vows to bring safe water to the most vulnerable women and children in the East African country of Burundi, also known as “Heart of Africa.”

Even though Burundi is one of Africa’s smallest country’s, it boasts a population of almost 11 million with less than half of the population having access to clean water. Many families of young women and children often have to travel miles every day just to access clean water, as the water within close proximity to them is often riddled with disease. This makes everyday activities that we may take for granted (like bathing cooking and drinking) a life threatening exercise for Burundians.

BEYGOOD4BURUNDI and UNICEF implement water supply systems for healthcare facilities and schools, and the drilling of boreholes, wells, and springs to bring safe water to districts.

“Access to water is a fundamental right. When you give children clean and safe water, you don’t just give them life, you give them health, an education, and a brighter future. I am committed to helping drive lasting solutions to the water crisis in Burundi.” – Beyoncé

You can donate to BEYGOOD4BURUNDI by clicking here.

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