Teyana Taylor Accuses Iman Shumpert of Dirty Tactics in Divorce Battle, Claims He Cut House Utilities

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Image credit: @teyanataylor on IG

In the ongoing divorce war between Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert, the singer and actress has accused the former NBA player of playing dirty.

She has alleged that Iman has cut off utilities in the Georgia home they once shared. The couple has two children together.

According to TMZ Hip Hop, Teyana Taylor’s attorney claims that she woke up this month to discover that the WiFi and cable in their former shared home had been disconnected.

The following day, she found that the water supply had been shut off. Teyana places the blame squarely on Iman Shumpert for these actions.

Iman Shumpert had moved out of the residence in October, and according to Teyana’s attorney, Iman’s brother, who handles his personal affairs, informed her that Iman planned to shut off the power.

Since his departure, Teyana alleges that Iman has not contributed to child support or covered any expenses related to their children, including food and clothing costs.

With the recent disconnection of utilities, Teyana’s attorney expresses concern that Iman might proceed to cut off the gas and electricity.

Additionally, Teyana claims that Iman left her with the financial burden of $200,000 worth of home renovations that he initiated three years ago.

According to the legal documents, Iman informed Teyana that his funds were tied up in investments and suggested that she cover the renovation costs, promising to reimburse her. However, she alleges that she has not received any reimbursement from him.

While Teyana Taylor has the means to handle the reconnection of utilities herself, her attorney says that the issue is about holding Iman accountable.

Since their divorce is pending, the court had put a standing order in place, requiring both parties to maintain the status quo regarding their home and finances until the divorce is finalized.

In response to these alleged actions, Teyana is seeking legal recourse.

Her attorney is urging the judge to hold Iman in contempt for violating the court order and is also seeking a court order for Iman to start providing monthly child support. The divorce battle continues as the legal drama unfolds.


In an update to this, ShineMyCrown.com has seen a report stating that although Teyana Taylor confirmed that the utility story is true, she says “the utilities were handled” the same day they were shut off.

According to thejasminebrand.com, Teyana claims she filed for the split using her initials to protect them from these types of stories, but now that the details are public she wants all the true facts to be published as well.

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