Award-Winning Team Of Black Women Writers And The Creators Of Horror Comic Hit $20K Kickstarter Goal

by Gee NY
"Shook Volume Two: Songs of the Dark Sirens," is edited by Colleen Douglas

Black women horror comic creators have not only met but exceeded their $20,000 Kickstarter goal to fund the sequel to the popular comic “Shook! A Black Horror Anthology.”

The second installment, titled “Shook Volume Two: Songs of the Dark Sirens,” edited by Colleen Douglas, is set to hit shelves in January 2024.

The Kickstarter campaign, which ran from October 10 to November 9, 2023, garnered an impressive $20,461 from 138 backers.

Colleen Douglas, a seasoned professional in the comic industry, emphasized the groundbreaking nature of the project, stating:

“It’s kind of paving the way for future possibilities, for storytelling from a Black perspective, Black women telling horror stories. And that’s what makes it so difficult. You’re pioneering. You’re basically paving the road for the rest of the cars to follow.”

The comic, featuring contributions from award-winning Black women, explores themes of travel, childhood stories, and unique perspectives.

According to the “Meet the Creators” section on the Kickstarter, site Douglas – who also contributed as a writer – was joined by a host of award-winning Black women who made the project happen.

Collaborators include Micheline Hess (writer, artist), Julie Anderson (artist), Alitha Martinez (artist), Rebecca Wanzo (writer), Raeghan Buchanan (writer, artist), Shake MacAudacious (writer), and Tananarive Due (writer).

The successful Kickstarter campaign, with its most popular reward being the “Print Only” option, marks another milestone in the journey of Black women creators in the horror genre, following the groundbreaking success of the first volume during the Black Lives Matter protests.

This marks a significant achievement in paving the way for Black women to tell horror stories from their perspective, as expressed by Douglas.

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