Seven-Year-Old Girl Breaks National Record As Fastest Kid In The Country

by Gee NY

Dallas, Texas, has been buzzing with pride since Dakota White, at just seven years at the time, emerged as the fastest kid in the nation, breaking records and setting a blazing new pace for young athletes across the country.

Dakota, along with her teammates from Fort Worth’s Xpress Track Club, soared to victory at the AAU Junior Olympics in 2022, where they clinched a new record in the girls’ eight and under 100-meter relay.

With an astonishing time of 59.08 seconds, Dakota’s performance has cemented her status as a standout athlete.

When asked about her secret to success, she simply said:

“I just run really hard,” in an interview with Fox 4 News.

This young prodigy first caught the nation’s attention in 2021 when videos of her track meet performances went viral on TikTok.

Remarkably, Dakota began her training journey at the tender age of three, under the guidance of her father, Cam White, a former Texas Christian University wide receiver.

Cam White recalls being astounded by Dakota’s impeccable form even at such a young age.

“She just had form, like crazy form. It wasn’t fast, but her form was already perfect. So then as she progressed, we started getting her different trainers,” he shared with the local news station.

Since her debut, Dakota has dominated every competition she has entered, showcasing not only her raw talent but also her unwavering dedication to the sport.

“She’s just excelling in a sport that she loves now,” her proud father remarked.

In a recent social media post, Dakota shared her motto, “No Days Off,” reflecting her commitment to continuous improvement and relentless pursuit of her athletic dreams.

As she continues to shatter records and inspire young athletes everywhere, Dakota White is undoubtedly a name to remember in the world of track and field.

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