Black Woman Fatally Shot By Elgin Police Officer

by Yah Yah

Illinois woman, Decynthia Clements was gunned down by a police officer in the town of Elgin this Monday.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the police officer attempted to pull her over for an as-yet undisclosed reason. It is alleged that Clements refused to stop and officers ultimately ended their pursuit of her. The officers then spotted her again early Monday morning and pulled her over, but she refused to exit her SUV and pulled out a knife while speaking to officers, the police chief said. They attempted to remove her by force, and it was then that the fatal shooting occurred.

Illinois State Police are currently investigating Lt. Christian Jensen, trying to understand why he killed Decynthia Clements according to the publication.

“There was no reason for this, to do that to her,” Clements’ told Elgin Police Chief Jeff Swoboda at a community meeting. “She was a good girl. There was no reason to kill her, what Elgin did to her. It was unjustifiable, to me, but I am not the law, and I can’t say [why she was killed].”

According to the Chicago Tribune, Swoboda said he understands that residents want answers to what happened, but urged patience so that information can be released in a way that won’t compromise the investigation.

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