Former MSNBC Host Tiffany Cross Exposes Network Executives, Reveals How They Allegedly Mistreated Her

by Gee NY

Tiffany Cross, the former host of MSNBC’s ‘The Cross Connection,’ is shedding light on the challenging experiences she claims to have faced while with the network.

Following the abrupt cancellation of her weekend series in November 2022, Cross has opened up about what she describes as mistreatment and pushback from MSNBC executives.

During the latest episode of her podcast ‘Native Land Pod,’ co-hosted with Angela Rye and Andrew Gillum, Cross delved into the alleged struggles she encountered behind the scenes. She asserted that each week, from the beginning to the end of her show, was a constant battle.

Cross expressed frustration over what she perceived as the network’s focus on sensationalizing Trump-related content, contrasting it with her desire to cover a broader range of topics affecting marginalized communities.

According to Cross, her attempts to cover issues such as inhumane treatment in prisons, mental health among Black men, Afro-Latino erasure, indigenous land battles, and more were met with resistance.

She claimed that the network preferred a narrative centered around Trump and described being part of what she referred to as an ‘echo chamber.’

Cross recounted facing condescending remarks and having her intelligence questioned when she advocated for diverse and crucial topics.

Despite having what she claims was the ‘highest-rated show of the entire weekend,’ she asserted that she received constant criticism, which she found debilitating and confusing.

The sudden cancellation of ‘The Cross Connection’ raised eyebrows, and Cross believes her candid commentary, especially on matters that might have irked ‘white conservatives,’ played a role in her firing.

She disclosed that she was never provided with a direct reason for her termination.

The podcast episode has generated attention, with many expressing support for Cross and raising questions about the dynamics at play behind the scenes of mainstream media.

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