Car Dealership Calls 911 To Have Woman Wrongly Arrested Over $30,000 Cashier’s Check, Now She’s Fighting Back

by Gee NY

Sade Crockett, a Black woman, has filed a racial discrimination lawsuit against McGrath Kia in Highland Park.

This was after she was allegedly falsely accused of using a fraudulent check to purchase a vehicle. The incident occurred on March 10, leading to Crockett’s arrest at the dealership.

Crockett, accompanied by her 82-year-old uncle, Enoch Graves, went to McGrath Kia with a cashier’s check from Fifth-Third Bank, intending to buy a vehicle.

The cashier’s check, intended as a birthday gift, was verified by the bank, and the dealership also confirmed its legitimacy.

Despite the prior approvals, Crockett encountered unwelcoming behavior from the predominantly white staff upon arrival.

After test-driving a used Chevy Blazer LT and submitting the cashier’s check, the dealership erroneously called the bank and failed to verify the check accurately.

Instead, they called 911 and subsequently the Highland Park Police Department, according to reports.

The lawsuit claims that the dealership deviated from its policy to return checks and decline the sale when validity was in question.

But car dealership called the police based solely on Crockett’s race. She was wrongfully arrested and charged with felony forgery, causing emotional distress and a nervous breakdown.

It wasn’t until July 18, several months later, that the Lake County State’s Attorney’s Office determined the check was not fraudulent, and all charges were dropped.

The lawsuit seeks compensatory and punitive damages for the wrongful arrest, naming McGrath Kia, Fifth Third Bank, WKM Automotive, Inc., the City of Highland Park, and the involved police officers.

Crockett’s attorneys are demanding justice to address the emotional distress and damage to her reputation caused by the incident and its aftermath.

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