Mississippi Woman’s Search For Missing Son Leads Her To Find Police Killed And Buried Him Secretly

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In a heart-wrenching revelation that hit headlines on Thursday, Oct. 26, 2023, a mother’s search for her missing son in Mississippi took a horrifying turn.

Bettersten Wade, a Mississippi native, claims her son, Dexter Wade, met a tragic end at the hands of a police officer and was quietly laid to rest without her knowledge.

This shocking ordeal has raised unsettling questions about the authorities’ handling of her son’s disappearance and death.

The distressing saga began on March 5th, when 37-year-old Dexter Wade went missing. He had a heated argument with his mother, Bettersten Wade, and abruptly left her home.

Dexter Wade and daughters

Days passed without any contact from Dexter, and his mother grew increasingly concerned. Her reluctance to involve the police stems from a traumatic incident in 2019 when her brother was killed by an officer.

Her brother’s case is currently under appeal, with the officer facing a manslaughter conviction.

It was Dexter’s two teenage daughters who relentlessly inquired about their father’s whereabouts that eventually prompted Bettersten to report him missing on March 14th.

According to a police report, Dexter was discovered walking on the interstate, just one hour after leaving his mother’s residence on March 5th.

Bettersten Wade

Tragically, he was struck by an off-duty police officer. The incident report raises questions as it indicates that the officer was not subjected to a field sobriety test. Dexter’s death was swiftly ruled as an accident.

Notably, the medical examiner could promptly identify the deceased due to his prior criminal record. However, the coroner claims they were unable to contact Bettersten and left a voicemail message, eventually passing on her son’s information to the authorities.

Shockingly, Dexter’s body remained unclaimed, leading to the distressing protocol of his interment in a common grave.

Bettersten, having never received a phone call or voicemail regarding her son’s death, strongly suspects that information was intentionally withheld from her.

This suspicion arises from the police’s strained relationship with Bettersten, stemming from her brother’s case. Speaking to the press, she expressed her profound grief, stating:

“The hardest thing I ever had to do is tell my girls that their dad is never coming back…I just want someone to answer for what happened.”

 Bettersten is raising money to have Dexter’s remains exhumed so that she can give her son a “proper burial.” She’s started a GoFundMe for Dexter and has already reached $7,200 of the $100,000 goal.

Authorities have not responded to requests for comment, according to NBC News.

This heart-wrenching story underscores the need for transparency and accountability in the face of such tragic incidents.

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