Chrisean Rock “Misbehaves” At Tamar Braxton’s Concert, LeTroy Swears To Put Her In Prison For Assault – “She’s Trash!”

by Grace Somes
Chrisean Rock and LeTroy || @chriseanchriseanchrisean @mrLdavis

“She (Chrisean Rock) is going to prison. I promise you. James is at the hospital because his nose won’t stop bleeding,” LeTroy threatened.

Tamar Braxton’s best friend LeTroy discloses Chrisean attacked and broke James Wright Chanel’s nose!

Chrisean Rock allegedly punched James several times in the face backstage at Tamar Braxton’s concert because she was not allowed to perform.

After a video of Chrisean inappropriately touching a woman at Tamar Braxton’s Love and War Concert went viral, LeTroy has issued a threat to have the rapper arrested.

LeTroys described Chrisetan as a “ghetto gutter butt”, who needs a reality check in prison.

“First of all, she’s trash. She should have never been at my show. She came to Tamar’s dressing room, which I planned, with a thousand people, drunk, smelling like weed, and looking stupid. ” he started his rant.

Tamcr’s best friend continued to point out that neither he nor anyone on his team knew who Chrisean was or that she made music.

“Y’all saw her dub a* during Love & War. She ruined the song. Ruined the concert. And ruined the moment… Apparently, she wanted to drop a beat. So she was mad that she didn’t get to perform.

“So then she goes backstage, and she is upset because she didn’t get to perform her ringtone…”

According to LeTroy’s narration, Chrisean bulldozed James Wright Chanel when he tried to calm her down.

He disclosed, “So then James is like, ‘Oh, it wasn’t on purpose. Nobody is trying to shade you. We didn’t know that you were supposed to sing… and she hit James right in his face, chipped Jame’s tooth, and Jame’s face is bloody.”

As usual, Chrisean Rock says the whole incident is structured to “gain clout” for Tamar Braxton’s concert!

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