6-Year-Old Bryanna Cook Receives Honors for Quick-Thinking Bravery In Saving Mother From Stroke While Driving

by Gee NY

Bryanna Cook, a courageous 6-year-old girl from Mississippi, is rightfully earning praise and admiration for her quick thinking and bravery in a life-threatening situation.

On October 23, Bryanna found herself in a harrowing situation as her mother suffered a stroke while driving.

The incident, reported by the Commercial Dispatch on November 18, unfolded as Bryanna, demonstrating remarkable composure, stopped the car in the woods and promptly called 911 upon her grandmother’s advice.

Connecting with Latonya Malone, a dispatcher from Lowndes County, Bryanna, alongside her grandmother, collaborated with Malone for two crucial hours, providing information to guide first responders to their location.

Bryanna not only displayed poise beyond her years but also actively assisted her mother by opening the car doors for fresh air and attempting to wake her.

This young heroine’s actions were instrumental until the arrival of first responders, who transported her mother to the North Mississippi Medical Center in Tupelo.

Bryanna stayed by her mother’s side until her release over a week later. In a ceremony to honor her heroic actions, Bryanna met Malone for the first time, and the Lowndes County Supervisors issued a resolution, forever commemorating her courage in the face of a terrifying situation.

The level of joy and pride in Bryanna’s school community was expressed by her principal, Monte Ewing-Johnson, highlighting her kindness, compassion, and patience with her classmates, traits that undoubtedly contributed to her ability to handle such a challenging situation.

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