Foxy Brown Ignites New Celebrity Feud With Claudia Jordan Over Her Dislike For Lil Kim

by Gee NY

Foxy Brown recently ignited a new celebrity feud, directing her disdain towards Lil Kim and engaging in a war of words with television personality Claudia Jordan, who had come to Lil Kim’s defense.

The conflict emerged when Foxy seemingly mocked Lil Kim’s bold claim that her upcoming memoir would outsell the Holy Bible.

In response to Lil Kim’s statement, Foxy took to her Instagram Story, where she simply wrote the word “Bible” accompanied by a laughing emoji. This subtle shade prompted Claudia Jordan to share her opinion on the matter, defending Lil Kim against Foxy’s mockery.

Foxy Brown (R) and Claudia Jordan

However, Foxy was not pleased with Jordan’s input and took the disagreement to the next level by sending Jordan a direct message.

The Fox Soul host decided to make their heated exchange public by posting it on Instagram, revealing how bothered Foxy was by Jordan’s defense of Lil Kim, as captured by The Neighborhood Talk.

The screenshot of the DM showcased Foxy’s initial message to Jordan, where she seemingly warned “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” alum not to mess with her, stating, “Somebody better warn you nobody a** b*tch.”

Jordan responded with humor, asking, “What you gonna do to me? Fight me like your career has been fighting success as of late!?” She continued, “No one is scared of an old b*tch, Trust me, I am one too! Now fall back and stop embarrassing yourself, dummy.”

The shade exchange continued, with Foxy taking a jab at Jordan’s feet, calling them “Dorito feet.” Jordan retaliated, pointing out Foxy’s missing side tooth and advising her to “do better and floss.”

Meanwhile, amidst the feud, Lil Kim is gearing up for the release of her highly anticipated memoir, “The Queen Bee,” slated for a 2024 release.

Lil Kim remains confident that her memoir will achieve monumental success, akin to biblical levels.

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