Ex-Wife to Ne-Yo Said His Constant Requests for Threesomes Killed Their Marriage

by Xara Aziz
Straight from the A

Ne-Yo’s ex-wife is spilling all the tea, chile.

In a recent Haus of Aaron podcast, Monyetta Shaw, 43, shared that while she was married to the Sexy Love star they “cheated together.”

‘We did things together. It’s not cheating if you’re involved with it,” Shaw said.

In one part of the interview, Shaw showed the show’s host, Aaron Keenan, three fingers to suggest threesomes. She then shared that while she is a lady in the streets, she can be a freak in the bed.

But while she was okay with threesomes once in a while, she grew tired of it becoming the norm.

 “I didn’t sign up to do this every day,” she said. “I’m very multi-faceted and that’s where I was at that time, but it became a problem when you want that, you know, a lot. I’ll give you it maybe twice a year, you know, or three times.”

She said after a while, her ex-husband’s requests for threesomes became “too much,” causing her to lose self-confidence.  

“It was too much and I’m like, ‘Oh, if you want that you don’t want me,’ you know? It was making it seem like I’m not enough,” adding that “I know my self-worth.”

Once the interview aired, scores of internet users chimed in on her claims, with one stating: “That was unnecessary. Granted she may have already shared this with her current husband but, it should have been left between them! That was disrespectful & pointless … can we move on from this story line. Next Caller.”

Another wrote: “I’m always baffled at the willingness to tell your personal business to the world,” while another wrote: “We don’t need to know everything. Some things should be kept between the family.”

Shaw was married to Ne-Yo until 2013 when they split. They share two children: Madilyn, 12, and Mason, 11.

Since then, Ne-Yo wed Crystal Smith (now divorced), while Shaw married Heath Carter, an entrepreneur.

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