Nene Leakes Shows Jeannie Mai The Way To A Successful Custody Battle

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In a surprising turn of events, Jeannie Mai, the well-known TV personality, has enlisted the highly-regarded attorney Randall Kessler, who’s previously represented Atlanta-based celebrities in their high-profile divorces and custody battles.

Among his notable clientele are former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Nene Leakes and Porsha Williams, who sought his counsel during their divorces from Gregg Leakes and Kordell Stewart, respectively.

Kessler’s expertise has also been tapped by singer Christina Milian during her custody dispute with ex-husband The Dream and by the famous comedian Mike Epps to address a paternity suit.

The decision to bring in Kessler came shortly after Jeannie received divorce papers from her estranged husband, Jeezy.

Jay Wayne Jenkins, better known as Jeezy, reportedly blindsided his wife of two years with the divorce request, citing an “irretrievably broken” marriage.

Moreover, Jeezy sought joint legal and physical custody of their one-year-old daughter, Monaco, a move that prompted Jeannie to secure top-tier legal representation.

Sources with knowledge of the couple’s situation have mentioned that disagreements over marriage and parenting matters played a pivotal role in ending their relationship.

While neither Jeannie nor Jeezy has publicly divulged the specific reasons behind the separation, they’ve both openly expressed their love and respect for one another despite this chapter coming to an end.

Jeannie, in a subsequent interview, shared her approach to the situation, saying:

“I’m taking it day by day… I’m just focusing on Monaco and focusing on things that I’m passionate about. When you’re surrounded by people, you just get to laugh and look at things that you enjoy doing in life.”

At present, it remains unclear whether Jeannie intends to challenge Jeezy’s request for joint custody or if hiring Kessler serves as a precautionary measure.

Both parties have chosen not to disclose any public details about the terms of their divorce, although it has been reported that they had an “air-tight” prenuptial agreement in place before their marriage.

TV personality Nene Leakes said on Tuesday, Oct. 10, 2023, that she wants to get married merely for companionship, not love, but her fans think it’s a really bad idea.

ShineMyCrown also reported recently that Leakes revealed her intention to remarry on the latest episode of her YouTube series titled “Life of Nene.”

The widow shared the possibility of getting married to a friend or someone she was casually dating just to have someone be there for her, even if they both dated other people.

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