Woman Creates Black Dolls With Real Human Hair That Can Be Washed, Braided And Styled

by Gee NY

Yelitsa Jean-Charles, the visionary founder and CEO of Healthy Roots Dolls, is on a mission to empower children of color by redefining beauty standards through her innovative toy company.

Healthy Roots Dolls creates dolls that celebrate the diversity of Black and brown children, with a focus on their natural hair and features.

These dolls come in various skin tones and are equipped with realistic, curly hair that can be styled in countless ways, encouraging young minds to embrace their unique beauty.

Yelitsa’s inspiration for her groundbreaking venture stems from her personal journey. She knows firsthand the challenges of growing up as a person of color, wrestling with societal standards of beauty that often ignored and marginalized natural hair.

Her early years were marked by a struggle to accept her own beautiful curls, leading her to experiment with chemical treatments that ultimately damaged her hair.

It was a journey towards self-love and self-acceptance that ignited her passion to make a difference in the lives of young Black girls.

Yelitsa’s epiphany was simple yet profound: why not create dolls that looked like the children they were designed for?

She envisioned toys that would serve as both playmates and mentors, encouraging kids to embrace their natural beauty, including their gorgeous hair, and instilling self-confidence from a young age.

With Healthy Roots Dolls, Yelitsa set out to redefine beauty standards in the world of toys. Her mission is to help children of color see themselves in their playthings, to have their unique features celebrated, and to promote self-esteem.

These dolls are designed to reflect the diverse range of Black and brown children, ensuring that every young individual can find a doll that resonates with them, creating a sense of connection and empowerment.

Yelitsa’s journey is one of transformation and empowerment, not only for herself but for countless young children who now have access to toys that celebrate their individuality.

Healthy Roots Dolls is a testament to her dedication to promoting self-love, self-acceptance, and diversity, ensuring that the next generation of Black and brown children can grow up confident in their unique beauty.

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