Fresh Princess Of Bel-Air: Coming To A TV Screen Near You?

by Yah Yah

The 2010s seems to be the decade of comebacks and TV reboots. With the reports of shows like ‘Martin’ and ‘Sister Sister’ making a possible comeback, it’s no surprise if more famous shows from the 90s came to fruition.

One show, in particular, that may be heading back to your small screens is ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ but not in the way you think. According to TMZ the popular 90s show that elevated Will Smith’s career will come back with a twist, instead of a Fresh Prince we will have a Fresh Princess.

According to the site the company that owns the trademark for the ‘Fresh Prince’ filed to have the ‘Fresh Princess’ trademarked and locked down for a television program along with other media platforms. Along with that the company also wants the trademark ‘Fresh Princess’ on merchandises including clothing, footwear, bags, backpacks, and animal collars just to name a few.

There’s no word if Will Smith or any of the other cast members are going to be involved, but there’s a possibility that there will be no involvement from the previous cast. Smith went on the Graham Norton show and was asked about the possibility of a reboot, and he responded “leave that one alone” and that he would only get involved if “pretty close to when hell freezes over.” He wasn’t the only who felt that way, Alfonso Ribeiro who played Carlton Banks also said in a statement that there is no show without the late James Avery who played Phillip Banks.

Hopefully, if this show makes a return it doesn’t mess with its
predecessor’s legacy.

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