Blueface’s Mom Scolds Chrisean Rock’s Face Tattoo And Expresses Mental Health Concerns: “Absolutely F***ng Crazy”!

by Gee NY

Amid Blueface’s legal troubles, his mom, Karlissa Saffold, is not holding back her opinions on Chrisean Rock’s recent actions.

Rock, known for her association with Blueface, recently unveiled an enormous face tattoo featuring the rapper’s likeness, a move that has drawn strong criticism from Blueface’s family.

TMZ caught up with Karlissa Saffold outside L.A’s Men’s Central Jail, where she shared her perspective on Chrisean Rock’s behavior.

Expressing her frustration, Karlissa labeled the face tattoo as “absolutely f***ng crazy”!

Blueface’s mom speculated that the face tattoo by Rock might be a ploy to manipulate Blueface into dealing with her once he is released from jail.

Karlissa is particularly concerned about Chrisean moving back into Blueface’s residence, vehemently stating:

“Hell motherf***ing no!”

She believes that this move could potentially hinder Blueface’s efforts to focus on his own well-being, especially during a challenging time like serving jail time for a probation violation.

Furthermore, Karlissa suggests that the face tattoo might be indicative of mental health issues, expressing her belief that her son is not equipped to address Chrisean’s emotional baggage.

Despite her attempts to support Chrisean for the sake of her grandchild, Karlissa is taking a step back after Chrisean made alarming statements on Instagram Live, expressing a desire for Karlissa to die.

Amidst the family drama, Karlissa stated that she remains willing to care for her grandchild if the situation escalates to that point.

Blueface’s incarceration is described as Karlissa’s worst nightmare, considering her eldest son’s past 13-year imprisonment. The situation adds immense stress to Karlissa’s plate, who feels history is repeating itself.

In light of the ongoing family turmoil, Karlissa concludes that Chrisean Rock needs to find someone else’s family to play “Fatal Attraction.”

The family dynamics, including Blueface’s jail time, are expected to unfold in their reality show, “CixoT: LA Real Family Blues.”

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