Nene Leakes’ Cryptic Message Seemingly Warning Another Woman About A Cheating “Narcissist” Sparks Debate

by Gee NY

Reality TV sensation Nene Leakes recently made waves on social media with a candid post issuing a stark warning to an undisclosed woman.

In the cryptic post, “Real Housewives of Atlanta” alum was urging the unnamed woman to reconsider a connection with a man whom Leakes claims to have insider information about.

In the Instagram post, Leakes did not mince words, stating:

“Sis, you can have him! TRUST ME… it’s not what you think.”

Leakes went on to reveal unflattering details about the man in question, asserting that he is “horrible in the bedroom,” “dumb,” “broke,” a “cheater,” a “liar,” and, notably, a “narcissist.” The reality TV personality implored the woman to “RUN WHILE YOU CAN.”

While the identity of the man remains concealed in Leakes’ post, the ominous warning has stirred speculation among her followers. Leakes has been relatively discreet about her dating life since parting ways with businessman Nyonisela Sioh earlier this year.

Their relationship had faced public scrutiny, particularly due to a legal dispute with Sioh’s estranged wife, Malomine Tehmeh-Sioh.

Although Nene Leakes has not explicitly confirmed the reasons for her breakup with Sioh, she shared posts about narcissism around the time of their separation.

One of her posts, reportedly, delved into the traits of narcissists, stating:

“Narcissists do not have the ability to self-reflect. They cannot see anything wrong with what they do and only see fault in your reaction.”

In a subsequent video, Leakes conveyed a sense of tranquillity about the end of the relationship, expressing that she holds no hard feelings and merely seeks to be cared for during her “soft era.”

The cryptic message from Nene Leakes has ignited curiosity among her fan base, leaving them eager to unravel the mystery behind her candid social media post.

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