Kay Customz Create Realistic Dolls Representing Black Beauty | @Kaycustomz

by Yah Yah

For most young girls, we find it relatable playing with dolls because it gave us a sense of imagination and we envisioned what our lives would be like as adults, and that would be hard to conceptualize when the dolls are not a fair representation of you and/or your culture.

Sadly we live in a world where representation is pretty much obsolete, whether it’s a representation based on race, gender, or sexuality, trying to find something relatable to yourself can be difficult.

Thankfully Kay Customz wants to change that. Kay Customz creates dolls with vitiligo and natural hair for young girls, the creator was inspired as well as encouraged to create the dolls due to the response of the lack of diversity in the doll industry. Kay’s creation of the doll aims to teach others about the skin condition as well as empower those who have it.

Check out the gallery of dolls below.

Kay Customz
Kay Customz
Kay Customz

The inclusive range includes dolls also don a plethora natural hairstyles… talk about revolutionary!

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