First Black 18-Inch Superhero Doll Sells Over 1,000 Units: Founder Shaneisha Dodson Celebrates Milestone

by Gee NY

Shaneisha Dodson, an accomplished graduate of Grambling State University and the visionary Founder and CEO of Brilliant Girl, is joyfully marking the success of selling thousands of her dolls, specifically designed for young Black girls across the nation.

Driven by the lack of representation in the toy and doll industry during her upbringing in Arkansas, Shaneisha founded Brilliant Girl to address this gap. Her journey led to the creation of the Sugamama doll, a groundbreaking 18-inch superhero doll that became the first of its kind for Black girls.

The profound impact of her creation is evident as she hears countless stories from women who, like her, experienced a dearth of representation in their childhood.

Shaneisha Dodson

Reflecting on her mission, Shaneisha emphasizes:

“All superheroes don’t wear capes; sometimes they wear aprons and eat cookies.”

These narratives fuel her commitment to crafting products that promote positivity, recognizing the profound influence of self-efficacy on personal growth. In 2022, she demonstrated her dedication by donating almost 100 dolls to children.

Beyond dolls, Shaneisha, an award-winning playwright, extended her creative endeavors to authoring two books, “The Adventures of Sugamama” and “Sugamama Saves Christmas,” complementing her best-selling doll.

Additionally, she introduced Positive Image Puzzles, a line of thoughtfully designed puzzles spotlighting positive images related to fatherhood, superheroes, and girls having fun.

Shaneisha invites everyone to join in celebrating the power of diversity as Brilliant Girl continues its mission to enhance representation in the doll and toy industry while actively contributing to the community.

Those inspired to support her impactful work can visit the official website at or follow the brand on Instagram @the_brilliantgirl.

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