Kelela Bids Farewell To An Ex In New Video, “Frontline”

by Yah Yah

In her video for “Frontline,” Take Me Apart singer Kelela channels The Sims, as she turns her back in her miserable ex and heads for the door.

  “Can’t take it back even though you wish I could/ If you think I’m going back, you misunderstood/ You cry and talk about it, baby, but it ain’t no use/ See you wasn’t lucky when I pushed /Hold on, wait, you’re f*cking with my groove/ Gettin’ on this plane, making moves/ Cry and talk about it, baby, but it ain’t no use/ I ain’t gonna sit here with your blues…”   

Kelela’s music is always relatable, and her new offering may help to inspire those of us who are in unhappy situations to drive away and leave it all behind!

“With this Sims-like video, I was able to tell my story in a light-hearted but dramatic way,” Kelela told Rolling Stone. “It’s about leaving your ex with the wind in your hair while acknowledging a curiously complex feeling of pain that he has left you for a white woman.”

Check out her animated visuals below!

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