Former “Love & Hip Hop” Star Nikki Mudarris Slammed Online For Half-Naked Family Photos With Newborn Son

by Gee NY

During the summer, entrepreneur Nikki “Miss Nikki Baby” Mudarris and her partner, LiAngelo Ball, celebrated the arrival of their newborn son, LaVelo Anthony Ball.

While they have been cautious about sharing their baby’s images on social media, they recently posted some family photos.

In these pictures, LiAngelo Ball is dressed in all black, cradling their son, who is also dressed like his father.

However, Nikki Mudarris chose to wear a revealing black mesh dress with just black panties underneath. While her makeup and jewelry were on point, her outfit sparked mixed reactions from people.

Some expressed disapproval, suggesting that her outfit was not suitable for a family photo. Others found humor in the situation, with one person joking that the baby seemed to be turning his head in shame.

A few believed she was taking the attention away from the child and his dad, making herself the center of attention.

“Some women don’t know how to code switch when it comes to clothing, time & place. 🤷‍♀️” someone said.

“Why you in a thong in the same pic with your son??? Yk he gonna grow up and see shit like this right,” another person commented.

However, some supporters commended her and defended her outfit choice. They appreciated her snapback and criticized the negativity from others.

“He is so cute and not shaming in anyway just saying for the safety of the baby. Tighten the car seat and pull the black bucket part up to his chest. ❤️❤️❤️,” someone stated.

LiAngelo Ball’s son, LaVelo, was born on July 19, and his name continues the family’s tradition, following in the footsteps of his father, LaVar, and his basketball-playing uncles, LaMelo and Lonzo Ball.

Miss Nikki Baby, a former star of “Love & Hip Hop”, expressed her deep love for her son, acknowledging the profound impact he has had on her life and how he has filled her heart with love.

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