KHALISH: ‘A Wife’s Dillema’ Tackles Marital Rape #ShortFilm

by Yah Yah

In India, 94% of all rapes are committed by the victim’s husband. KHALISH ‘A Wife’s Dilemma’ tells the story of a young bride, whose husband brutally rapes her on their wedding night.

A woman has many dreams in her eyes when she steps into one of the most important phases of her life, i.e., marriage. And when the time of her first night comes, those moments are so amazing that they just can’t be expressed in words. However, not every girl is prepared for maintaining a physical relationship on her first night, and there is nothing wrong in it since it’s her choice too and she might be hesitated, wanting time to know and understand him first before actually involving physically with him.

Here we present a short story of a newly-wed couple who went on a short vacation before moving to a new place. In arranged marriages, it’s quite obvious that the couple doesn’t know each other well in advance and hence, the mentality that s*x on the first night is compulsory should not be forced on either of them. However, there are a number of men who despite being educated and sophisticated just can’t digest this reality and try to make a relationship with the bride forcibly which is also a form of rape!

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