Meet 9-Year-Old Danielle Boadu Who Beat 450 Students To Win UK’s Major Math Competition

by Gee NY
Danielle Boadu holds her award-winning submission to the competition

At just 9 years old, Danielle Boadu from the United Kingdom has secured the top spot in the esteemed “Sum It Up” national math competition.

This annual contest, organized by ed-tech provider Renaissance Learning, drew participation from over 450 students who utilized their artistic flair to illustrate the profound role of mathematics in everyday experiences.

Aligned with World Maths Day, the competition aimed to kindle inspiration among primary school children in the UK and Ireland, encouraging them to express their perceptions of mathematics through the medium of art.

But in a remarkable demonstration of both creativity and mathematical acumen, Boadu, a student at Peterborough’s Heritage Park Primary School, captured the attention of the expert judging panel with her captivating portrayal of mathematical concepts using elements from the natural world.

Boadu’s winning entry ingeniously, according to a report, depicted various mathematical techniques such as addition, shapes, and parallel lines, skillfully interpreting these concepts within the backdrop of her school’s playground.

Her artwork revealed intricate patterns and shapes, serving as a visual testament to the omnipresence of mathematical principles in our immediate surroundings.

Sharing her joy about crafting the winning entry, Boadu expressed her delight in discovering shapes and patterns within the playground.

“When I first looked, all the things in the playground looked normal, but then I looked closer and thought about all the things we had learned in maths, and I thought, ‘wow, I can see all of the patterns,'” she remarked to Peterborough Today.

Boadu’s achievement not only underscores her artistic talent but also highlights the potential for creativity and mathematical insight in young minds.

Her imaginative approach serves as an inspiration, emphasizing the intersection of art and mathematics and celebrating the beauty of discovering mathematical concepts in the tapestry of everyday life.

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