Summer Walker Is Trending Over Rumors She Is Pregnant With Fourth Child For Actor Lil Meech

by Gee NY

Summer Walker, known for her musical prowess, finds herself at the center of pregnancy rumors as speculation grows that she’s expecting a child with actor Lil Meech.

The mother-of-three has a history of entangling herself in relationships with men deemed “no good,” and online reactions reflect a mix of skepticism and commentary on her relationship choices.

Lil Meech, real name Demetrius Flenory Jr., and Walker have recently found themselves in each other’s arms again.

One social media user expressed surprise at the potential pregnancy, highlighting Walker’s complex relationship history.

One individual remarked on X:

“Summer Walker being pregnant by Meech is crazy, but also being on your third baby daddy, and your three kids are under 3, is insane.”

Another user speculated on Walker’s rumored pattern of toxic relationships, suggesting:

“I think Summer Walker being pregnant by Meech is a rumor, but I wouldn’t be surprised if… that’s the same [person] who said she gets and stays in toxic relationships so she can create good music.”

Amidst the rumors, some users playfully suggested unconventional reasons for Walker’s choices, with one stating:

“If Summer Walker really is pregnant by Lil Meech, I will be inclined to believe she has a breeding kink.”

The narrative around Walker’s relationship with Meech has been marked by twists, including allegations of cheating, heated Instagram Stories, and a viral video. Some reports even claim Walker has confirmed the rumors.

Summer Walker and Lil Meech

Despite previous controversies, Walker and Meech appear to have reconciled, as evidenced by social media posts showing moments of intimacy.

Summer Walker, who already shares a two-year-old daughter with ex-boyfriend London on da Track and twin boys with her ex-boyfriend Larry, continues to navigate the complexities of motherhood under the scrutiny of social media.

ShineMyCrown reported in the past that just months before Summer Walker was expected to give birth, she announced that she and her boyfriend at the time, Larry, had called it quits.

The 26-year-old singer made the announcement on her Instagram story stating that she was no longer with her ex-boo, a rapper who goes by the name LVRD Pharoh. In the IG story, she was seen with her 20-month-old daughter she shares with producer London on Da Track.

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