Keke Palmer Delights Fans On Social Media With Adorable New Dance Video Featuring Son Leo

by Gee NY

Keke Palmer, a first-time mother at 30, recently shared her joy of motherhood with an Instagram clip featuring her 9-month-old son, Leo.

The heartwarming video captured Palmer holding and twirling her baby boy in what seemed to be a backstage holding area, expressing her immense happiness and gratitude for his presence.

In the video, Palmer, adorned in a black bustier and pin-striped pants, beams with joy while interacting with Leo. In the accompanying caption, she gushes about the joy Leo brings to her life, emphasizing how he was worth the wait.

Palmer envisions a future with Leo, eagerly anticipating activities like going to the movies, camping, improvising, binge-watching TV shows, and cooking together.

Expressing her deep love for Leo, Palmer concludes:

“I have experienced so many things before and after your birth, which is why I can say undoubtably that your love has made me unstoppable. Nothing can beat me because I have you by my side. You are the love of my life .. 🙏🏾.”

Palmer welcomed Leo, whose full name is Leodis Andrellton Jackson, on February 25, with the baby’s father, Darius Jackson. She introduced Leo to the world on Instagram, noting that he was born during Black History Month.

The unique name reflects a desire for a name that resonates with the American Black storyline, a sentiment Palmer previously hinted at on her podcast.

While Palmer has kept details about her relationship with Jackson private, she shared a playful moment on the Today show, following speculation about their status. Responding with humor, she invoked Beyoncé’s “Mind y’all’s business” mantra when asked about her relationship status.

Despite maintaining privacy about her relationship, Palmer openly shares her joy of motherhood on social media. From silly videos to heartfelt tributes, she embraces every moment with Leo.

Reflecting on her journey to motherhood, Palmer expressed her excitement and likened her experience to living in a fairy tale, emphasizing her desire to create a world where all things are possible for her baby boy.

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