Meghan Markle’s Sister Blamed Her for Father’s Stroke: ‘It’s Elder Abuse’

by Shine My Crown Staff
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Meghan Markle is usually blamed for everything that goes wrong in or outside of the Royal family. This time, her half-sister is blaming her for their father’s recent stroke.

Thomas Markle was hospitalized last week for stroke-like symptoms.

Speaking to “Dan Wootton Tonight,” Samantha Markle pointed the finger squarely at Meghan and her fractured relationship with her father. “He’s doing better. He’s in good spirits, and so, it’s still hard for me to talk about, because he’s been through so much. Two heart attacks, a pandemic, a stroke,” she said. “I don’t think he saw it coming,” she shared.

Wooten then asked Samanta whether Meghan or Prince Harry had been in touch.

“No, no and let me speak to something very important. My father has a huge heart and even though he was not in the wrong. She had a moral obligation, in my opinion, to step forward at any time. Two heart attacks,” she said, teary-eyed. “Everything she has now would not exist without my father.”

“Her [Meghan] disregard, in my opinion, never reaching out, never advocating for him through two heart attacks, through a pandemic knowing that he was trapped in the house because of media pressure, and during a pandemic everyone was more sedentary and reclusive and not going out; so all things taken together really took a toll on his health,” Samantha whined. “So, I feel there’s a negligence there. In my opinion, I feel like it’s, in my opinion, elder abuse, because she had to see what’s happening.”

Thomas has repeatedly spoken negatively about his royal daughter in the media. However, Samantha says it is no excuse not to acknowledge him.

“There is no excuse for the disregard. There is no excuse for the callous observation of everything that he was going through and she wasn’t blind to it. She saw what was happening in the media, so I don’t understand how she could just do nothing,” Samantha added.

This week, Meghan visited Uvalde, Texas, where she donated food at a community center, hosted a blood drive, and laid flowers at a memorial for the elementary school shooting victims. Twenty-one people were shot and killed, including 19 children.

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