Doja Cat Slams Parents For Bringing Children To Her Shows: ‘Leave Your Mistake At Home’

by Grace Somes
Doja Cat || Image credit: @dojacat

Doja Cat shared her thoughts on children attending her provocative shows. The American rapper insists that she doesn’t make music for children.

It should be fairly clear that Doja Cat’s music isn’t for young listeners, given that each of her studio albums is marked with a Parental Advisory for explicit content

The rapper-singer took to Twitter to advise some fans to “leave your kids at home” because some apparently did not get the message that Doja is not for the youngins!

In a series of tweets, Doja Cat seemingly addresses parents who brought their ‘children’ to her performances.

“Idk what the fuck you think this is, but I don’t make music for children, so leave your kids at home motherfucker. I’m rapping about cum; why are you bringing your offspring to my show,” Doja Cat wrote.

She continued, “Rappin about eatin dick and pissin on his v-cut, leave your mistake at home*.”

Although the exact cause of her outburst is unknown, her recent Coachella performances support her claims.

Wearing nothing but lingerie, Doja bumped and ground across a muddy stage, and she didn’t apologize for p-popping in front of cameras and her front-row audience members. 

Doja Cat previously preached a similar case on “Fuck the Girls (FTG)” from her latest albumScarlet

On the song, she raps about not being a role model: “Since when were y’all my bastard children? Go ‘head and raise y’all self/ Come get ya badass kids, no need to mention.”

Doja Cat is very accustomed to scolding her fans on social media

In April, the singer dropped a video calling out social media users who compared the texture of her hair to pubic hair and cotton.

Doja revealed what looked to be the cover of Scarlet 2: Claude Frollo, her upcoming album. 

The cover art of the upcoming single “Masc” featured a close-up of Doja’s hair, but some compared her tight curl pattern to “sheep and pubes and carpet and popcorn.”

“So my hair, to describe it, is 4c hair texture. And a lot of y’all don’t give a f*ck. That’s great. Let it wiz on by. That’s my hair.”

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