Paulla McCarthy: Nurse Becomes First Black Woman To Own And Run A Spring Water Bottling Plant In NY

by Gee NY

Paulla McCarthy, a nurse and single mother of three, has not only become a successful entrepreneur but also an advocate for black ownership of natural resources.

McCarthy’s remarkable journey began when she gave her twin boys $1,600 to sell pallets of water during the pandemic.

Their company, “The New York Water Boys,” started with street sales and eventually landed contracts with 21 supermarkets.

With McCarthy’s financial and management support, the business became a local success story, generating substantial revenue weekly, despite having no prior experience in the industry.

As the family delved deeper into the water business, McCarthy realized the immense value of water as a commodity. She discovered that the global water shortage is progressively worsening, with experts predicting that water will become more valuable than gold in the next 50 years.

Realizing the significance of this natural resource, McCarthy decided to expand her business endeavors.

Just six months after starting the local water distribution company with her sons, she purchased a spring water bottling plant from an elderly couple in upstate New York. The property included 15 acres of land, featuring an aquifer known as “The Spring.”

After acquiring the plant, McCarthy was approached by a major water company with a staggering $20 million offer for her property, but she declined. McCarthy firmly believes in the importance of black ownership in natural resources and is committed to holding on to her land and water plant.

She demonstrated her determination by raising $130,000 in just two days to secure her entrepreneurial venture.

Paulla McCarthy’s inspiring story highlights her dedication to promoting black ownership and her entrepreneurial spirit, which has now ventured into the crucial realm of natural resources.

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